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Gregory Alan Isakov

—Honey, It's Alright


Despite all our shuffling
the trainwreck and talking
Despite all our outfield saves

You’re treading water
The sea was your daughter
But now she’s gone, gone…

We wake up to this song every day.

Homosexuality, pornography, masturbation and abortion.

For all those asking me (anonymously or otherwise) about my opinions on the aforementioned topics. Please email me, I do not desire that my blog become a breeding ground for debate- and since you are asking my personal opinion, we should have a personal conversation about it.

Just message me for my email.

Please don’t expect a reply immediately know that I have more pressing matters (like job hunting, fixing our car, finding a new place to live, and spending quality time with my wife- who will always come above you in terms of importance to me. ❤️💋💘💞💖💕💓💗💛💙💚💚💜💍💍💖👰👌👍👸😍😘)

Anonymous asked: Hey Zach! I was wondering if you could tell me what type of iPhone case you have- and your 'review' of it. I camp a lot and would like an opinion from someone who does as well.

Best case of all time= lifeproof nuud.
I had the lifeproof frē for a while, but the rainbow glare and bubbling on the screen was too much.

I love the nuud because it’s still dirtproof, scratch proof, and watertight. But you can actually touch the screen and there is no glare. The finger print scanner works on the 5s and the headphone jack is attached to the case so you don’t have to worry about losing it. I never take my case off and don’t have to worry about my phone. It can charge with the case on, and if the glass around the camera gets dirty it is easy to clean with a q-tip.

I can use it with my greasy hands after working on the car, I can take it camping and not have to worry about it, I can let kids play with it and not have to worry about them dropping it. It doesn’t get hot, it is easy to clean, it holds up to months of abuse and my phone still doesn’t even have a scratch (in case I need to sell it).

I can take underwater pictures, take it in the shower, hot tub, or bath (btw, watching tv shows in the bath 👍, wish we had a bathtub)

Also another note is the sound amplification the case generates, I believe this is due to the back of the case reverberating the sound waves. My phone is loud enough to use without speakers when I’m at work and forgot my headphones.

Last but not least, for the amount of protection that the case offers it is not bulky at all. Otterbox gets caught sliding in an out of my pockets and feels like a brick. For those people who complain about the size of the phone in the case- have you ever held one of the original Nokia cell phones?!


Currently I have more tumblr messages than emails- a lot of them I probably won’t get around to because they are too personal of questions to be asked by anon. A lot of them are very heartfelt and encouraging- and I would like to thank you to all of our followers (trolls excluded) for being the best. I never thought I would get into tumblr, but the a lot of the people we have conversed with on here are great. It is a great encouragement to us to hear what you have to say and to know that there are good people who exist in this world and who also share our views. It is also nice to know that our opinions matter to people that we have never met and that we can inspire people who we will probably never meet.

If you have sent either of us a message in the past couple days- thanks (except you rude annoying anon trolls- you’re the worst).

Going through pictures from the road trip to Minnesota.

Going through pictures from the road trip to Minnesota.

Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.

—Theodore Roosevelt

The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.

—Theodore Roosevelt

Worry is like a rockin’ horse. It’s something to do that don’t get you nowhere.

—Old West Proverb

Anonymous asked: Just out of curiosity, is there anything that you particularly enjoyed from your childhood that you want to share with your son? Like a particular activity or maybe even certain movies?


Camping, fishing, tree climbing, tree forts, road trips, exploring, making wooden swords. LOTR when he gets older, but I grew up watching Wild West C.O.W. Boys of the Moo-Mesa and I’m gonna check right now to see if they have that on DVD :)

Here’s the description of my favorite TV show when I was 4 (note: when I was 4 I didn’t realize the meteor caused cow-mutation, I just thought they were cows that dressed up)

"Like many cartoons during its time, C.O.W.-Boys dealt with a mutation of some kind; in this case, an irradiated meteor struck the late 19th century Western plains creating a miles high mesa shrouded in clouds. Everything trapped on top of the mesa was "cow-metized" by the light from the "cow-met" and "evolved" into a "bovipomorphic" state. Inspired by old tales of the Wild West, this new bovine community developed to the point where they emulated that era’s way of life, including the requisite ruffians and corrupt sheriffs. However, their knowledge of Wild West living was limited, and as such, many things about their culture had to be improvised to ‘fill in the blanks’. The concepts of steampunk and Weird West were utilized throughout its run.

The series focuses on trying to keep justice in the frontier territory. The lawbreakers were too much for the corrupt regulators of Cowtown - Mayor Bulloney and Sheriff Terrorbull - to handle by themselves. Helping them out, whether they wanted it or not, were a group of peacekeepers known as C.O.W. Boys, short for “Code of the West.” Led by bull Marshal Moo Montana, the C.O.W. Boys also included the Dakota Dude and the Cowlorado Kid. The muscle-bound Marshal and his deputies had their hands full with various ruffians and outlaw gangs that plagued the otherwise peaceful town.”